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Worried about the new £1 coin and the new £5 & £10 polymer banknotes ?


The Royal Mint will launch a new £1 coin in 2017. It will be 12 sided and of different alloy content compared to today’s coin. This will require your coin counter, coin sorter, change machine, cash deposit machine to be upgraded to be able to handle it.


The Bank of England will release a new  £5 Polymer substrate banknote  in 2016 and a new £10 polymer substrate banknote in 2017. These new notes will have different dimensions as well as different anti-counterfeit features compared to todays (cotton) paper substrate notes.  This will require any banknote counter, banknote sorter, change machine, cash deposit machine to be upgraded to handle them.

The Bank of England has announced that the £20 will also be re-designed and produced in future on a Polymer substrate.

Most of the Scottish issuing banks are expected to follow the Bank of England plans by releasing (at the same time) their own Polymer version.

 Click here to read about the new £1 coin – Royal Mint

Click here for the new £1 coin timescales update

 Click here to find out about new £1 coin upgrades for your machine

Click here to read about the new polymer banknotes – Bank of England


CALL US on 0845 6016431 or e-mail us on info.currencytech@gi-de.com to discuss your possible upgrades to be able to handle these new banknotes and coin.


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We have a huge selection of money counting macines, coin sorting and banknote sorting machines and note checking machines for efficient business operation. Whether you are looking for coin counting machines, banknote counting machines or note forgery checking machines we have a range of specialist products to meet your exact requirements.

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Currency Tech is the largest independent supplier of cash handling equipment within the UK market. Our cash processing products can help you.

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