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Polymer Banknotes

Why do you need to check if your banknote counting /sorting equipment is compatible with the new polymer banknotes?
Polymer banknotes can create static electricity problems as they go through a counting machine with a friction feeder, especially in drier climates. Under these conditions, the polymer notes have a greater tendency to stick together – potentially creating count errors.

In addition, as the polymer banknotes go through a machine to the stacker, the static creates a situation where the polymer notes may literally “float” in the air and therefore, not settle properly in the end stacker.
In some circumstances a static build up can damage the machine electronics.

To combat this issue, some CTL equipment has installed in its currency counting equipment anti-static stacker wheels, brushes and shock resistant components to help dissipate the static that may be generated by the polymer banknotes.

Some devices will however suffer from static electricity problems- that’s why you need to call us and check compatibility of your devices with us!

Polymer banknotes have clear “see-through” windows as an ouvert security feature
You will need to check to ensure that the “see-through” window does not pass over the count sensors in your banknote counter- otherwise your banknote counter may not see and count the polymer note.

The new £5 polymer has reduced dimensions of 65mm x 125mm and the “see-through window” could well pass directly over a count sensor if the note guides are not used properly.
Call us on 0845 601 6431 or e-mail us on info.currencytech@gi-de.com to discuss your requirement in more detail

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