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Established 10 years
Unit 7 Torc MK
Chippenham Drive
Milton Keynes
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Currency Tech are able to offer money counting machinescash counters, coin counters, banknote counters, coin sorters, banknote sorters, cash deposit devices, coin packaging machines, coin wrapping machines as well a a wide range of simple and intelligent drop safes.

Money Counters

For a quick cashing up process or banking preparation, Currency Tech can offer CountEasy and Multicount count-by-weight cash counters. These unique small devices can count both notes and coins to aid the quick counting of money.

Banknote Checkers

Check a note in under 0.5 seconds! Soldi Smart checks top level covert security features in both English Banknotes as well as in Euro banknotes (not suitable for Scottish or N. irish banknotes!)

Banknote Counters

CTL are proud to represent both Laurel and Procoin exclusively in the UK for their ranges of single pocket banknote counters. Applications range from specific machines designed for convenience retail upto high level machines for Bank Branch or Cash Centre applications.

Banknote Sorters

Our range of desktop note sorters range from 1 + reject pocket through to full 8 pocket machines. Our note sorters can count, denominate, face, orientate, issue split and fitness sort banknotes.

Coin Counters

Currency Tech can offer simple and heavy duty devices for the fast counting and bagging of single denomination coins. We are also able to offer mix denomination coin value counters, ideally suited to the vending industry.

Coin Sorters

Our range of coin sorters include our own design CTL301 range rail sorters as well as OEM devices for even faster sorting options. The CTL 301 range can be produced to handle UK coin, Euro coin and many other currencies.

Coin Packaging

Cash centre packaging of all coin denominations into large plastic sachets on a fully automated processing line requires a specialised sachet machine. Currency Tech are able to offer the CUB line.

Cash Centre Hardware

Currency Tech Ltd are able to offer a wide range of cash counting and sorting equipment for both notes and coins for a cash centre environment but can also offer some of the essential  cash centre specialist hardware required to process, move or store cash.


CounterCache are point of sale safes allowing the banknote content of a till to be posted securely away to help avoid theft and internal shrinkage of a retailers' takings. Simple to use and easy to install, CounterCache reduces the cost of handling cash.

POS Validating Safes

Currency Tech offer a wide range of validating safes to the retail market sector. Allowing banknotes to be counted and authenticated as they are securely stored, our validating safes provide instant cash flow information to managment, CIT companies and your bank directly by on-line connectivity.

POS Cash Recycling

POS cash recycling is for products that allow customers to pay via a self service method whether assisted by  a staff member or not. This type of equipment releases shop staff from handling any cash at all. These products recycle all cash paid in and use it to dispense change back to the customer.

Cash Deposit

Currency Tech offer a wide range of Cash Deposit Machines for use in Bank Branch self service, Retail back office, Transport bus  depots through to Supermarket lobby areas. Both coins and banknotes can be deposited in parrallel to ensure quick transactions times. In some cases, front and rear loading versions allow flexible installtion locations.


Casino solution for paying out winnings on bar-coded tickets or for breaking notes into smaller denomination or coins

Change Machines

The Currency Tech range of cash change machines can change notes and coins into smaller coin denominations. Ideal for any public area.


BalanceIT is a small stand alone PC software package that can take count totals from cash counting equipment and provide a full audit report. Scaleable for a small single cash handling device from a limited number of cash sources upto to multiple cash handling devices with hundreds of cash sources.

Balance IT is the simple solution !

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