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Established 10 years
Unit 7 Torc MK
Chippenham Drive
Milton Keynes
MK10 0BZ

Tel: 0845 601 6431
Fax: 0845 601 6432
Email: info.currencytech@gi-de.com

Banknote Counters

ProNote 1

The ProNote 1 is an image based (CIS) single pocket banknote counter with high level counterfeit detection. •It’s able to check and count mixed banknotes. •It has a maximum speed of up to  ...Read More

ProNote 100 Note Counter

Banknote counter The CTL ProNote 100 is a premium quality banknote counter with UV detection for the counting of single denomination banknotes of any currency. The UV detection capability helps the ProN  ...Read More

ProNote 120 Cash Counter

Banknote counter The CTL ProNote 120 is a cost effective single denomination banknote counter with high level authentication of GBP and Euro. CTL ProNote 120 has 2 unique features: 1) Auto-MG: The  ...Read More

ProNote 200 Note Counter

Banknote value counter CTL ProNote 200 is a value balancing banknote counter using advanced counterfeit currency detection techniques to value and authenticate a deposit of mixed denomination banknote  ...Read More

Laurel J-718

The Laurel J-718 is a single pocket, single denomination, professional quality banknote counter. It has a short edge size check (SC) that ensures any roque denominations are not counted, thereby ensuring the i  ...Read More

Laurel J 757

The J 757 is a professional quality, high end, single denomination banknote counter with UV detection - for any currency

Banknote counter and sorter accessories

CTL are able to offer 2nd remote displays and various printers for connection to their range of bankote counters and sorters


Banknote counter mechansim cleaning cards to improve operating efficiency and reduce service requirments. Multi-pass, single use card to be used by the operator once per week on average. Available in boxes   ...Read More

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